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As a result of the impact he was paralyzed from the neck down and will never walk again. A passenger aboard a motorcycle settles injury case for $5.9 million after sustaining serious injury to lower extremity requiring multiple surgeries.

michael finkelstein credit junction

As soon as a driver leaves the highway they must immediately reduce their speed. The Palisades Parkway has a visitor center near the Stony Point exit in Rockland County. A 16-year-old driver entered the visitor center but was driving too fast and crashed into the car that had also just exited. The driver of the car that was struck had no warnings a crash was about to happen. Trial Attorney Chris Camastro was able to get the insurance company to offer the full amount of the available coverage and the case settled for $100,000. A retired NYC policeman and now a volunteer fireman was riding his motorcycle on a beautiful summer day when an approaching car in the opposite lane turned left directly into his path.

Garbage Truck Hits Stopped Car In Rear

Trial Partner Michael Feldman told Con Ed we were prepared for trial and the case settled just before jury selection for $2,000,000. The insurance company for a tractor-trailer company agreed to pay $5,700,000 after their insured caused a multi-car crash on a New York highway. One of the people in one of the demolished cars required several surgeries to repair multiple broken bones. Ultimately the insurance company agreed to a settlement that covered both pain and suffering and all projected future medical expenses. 30 years earlier our client suffered a broken ankle that required surgery, the same ankle she injured in this crash.

Michael started his career in corporate finance at Salomon Brothers. Just weeks before their high school graduation, a 17-year-old senior was a passenger in a car driven by another senior in LaGrange, Dutchess county. He couldn’t negotiate the curve and the car left the road striking a fence, overturned and struck a tree.

  • Michael started his career in corporate finance at Salomon Brothers.
  • The insurance company for the pick up driver initially didn’t believe our client and offered only $100,000.
  • After deposition, it was found that the cleaning company admitted that the cleaning machine leaked.
  • When a nursing home chooses to understaff their facility, residents are often neglected.
  • The case was eventually settled for all of the available insurance, which was unfortunately only $100,000.
  • Fortunately, he was ultimately able to return to his job at the post office.
  • After hearing about the injuries and surgeries needed the jury rendered a verdict just over $1,300,000.

A case brought on behalf of a 5-year old who was struck and dragged by a vehicle after buying ice cream settles for $8.3M. The retailer settled for $12,750,000 at jury selection, avoiding taking the case to court.

$5 9 Million Settlement : Motorcycle Accident

The tractor trailer company did not provide lane awareness safety equipment in any of their trucks. While driving on Route 84 through Fishkill New York, the tractor trailer driver changed lanes without signaling. The police eventually caught the truck driver 10 miles down the road. As a result of the crash our 45-year-old client required a surgery to his neck. Fortunately, he was able to return to work and his normal activities.

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Our client, a 57 year old Pennsylvania man, was checking for a water leak at a laboratory that was undergoing a gut renovation. He was working alone, and had to move his ladder several times to determine the source of the leak. He was on the fourth rung of the ladder with his head inside the dropped ceiling when the ladder gave way, causing him to drop to the ground. After getting a pedicure at a nail salon in a shopping mall in the Hudson Valley, our client developed a bacterial infection requiring the surgical removal of a portion of her foot. We hired an instructor from a beauty school who regularly lectures on what nail salons must do to comply with the NYS Appearance Enhancement Law. She told us how the nail salon violated several sections of the law.

Predictably, since the manufacturer does nothing to design out the hazard or design in a fail-safe to protect operators of the machine, it happens again in 2015. Our client was operating the next generation industrial machine that had the same design defects. Due to being exposed to the same hazards from the defective design our client was killed leaving his wife and two young sons behind. The case was tried by Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein in Federal Court. After four days of trial testimony the machine manufacturer and their distributor settled for a total of $16,500,000. “The ready availability of trade finance is a crucial ingredient to the success of U.S. exporters across virtually every economic sector,” said Secretary Ross. “The TFAC provides industry stakeholders a critical voice in government, allowing the Department to better assist American exporters.”

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The crash aggravated our client’s shoulder and neck so much that he needed surgery on both his shoulder and neck. We were able to collect the full $500,000 of insurance from the truck driver. In michael finkelstein credit junction addition, we filed a claim against the school district for Underinsurance benefits. At first, the school district claimed our client received full compensation so we pursued an arbitration.

  • Since he did not break any bones, he opted not to go to the hospital.
  • After sleeping the whole next day, he started to develop severe headaches – just what he didn’t need since he had several prior concussions when he worked as a paramedic at a ski slope.
  • When the light turned green she entered the intersection and was suddenly struck by another driver who failed to stop at the red light.
  • The case was handled by managing attorney Melody Gregory and Trial Attorney Chis Camastro.
  • The case was ultimately settled prior to trial for $9,250,000 by Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein and Trial Partner Kenneth Fromson.
  • After getting the call about their Dad being in a coma after being hit by a car, they did not know where to turn.

The force was so hard the car that was hit in the rear was pushed into the guardrail and flipped. Initially, the family went to a local Pine Bush lawyer who does not specialize in injury cases. After realizing the case too was too big for him, the Pine Bush lawyer asked Finkelstein & Partners to help. We filed the necessary paperwork to create an estate and started a lawsuit.

$910,000 Settlement : School Bus Driver Recovers

The NYC lawyers were concerned because Con Ed conducted surveillance of the client, who had shoulder and spine surgery, showing her walking across the street and grocery shopping. Several focus groups were conducted and explained how the surveillance did not show the client was exaggerating her injuries at all. Our client’s injuries happened when a Con Ed truck turned left in front of our client’s car on East Tremont Avenue in the Bronx.

michael finkelstein credit junction

The force of the impact was so strong, both our client and the drunk driver traveling in the wrong direction died. Our 28-year-old client left her husband, whom she married only nine-months earlier. The case was settled for the full amount of all available insurance by Trial Attorney Michael Feldman.

$1 625 Million Settlement : Fall Down At Train Station

Windham, NY Our client, a 50-year-old laborer, was working for a roofing subcontractor on the construction of a single-family home, when he slipped and fell off the roof while trying to remove a cleat. The man’s right wrist was dislocated and an open reduction was necessary after a closed reduction in the ER proved unsuccessful. He was out of work since the accident and now has a 50% loss of use of his wrist. Our client, a 49 year old New Windsor, NY resident, was attending baseball game with her family at a Dutchess County stadium. She decided to go down to field level to watch the grounds crew drain the day’s rainfall from the playing area.

michael finkelstein credit junction

While on only his third day at work, our client was putting on a metal roof on a barn when the wet roof caused him to slip. His employer failed to provide any tie-offs or scaffolding as required by the labor law.

There were no lights on the road and the dumpster didn’t have any reflectors or markings. The night the dumpster was delivered, our client was on his motorcycle on his way to work at the post office mail sorting plant. He was following a car when, without warning, the car swerved to avoid the dumpster. The motorcyclist also swerved to the left, but his right ankle clipped a metal piece sticking out of the base of the dumpster.

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