Rubicon Announces Innovative Financing Program For Its Hauler Network Through Partnership With The Credit Junction

michael finkelstein credit junction

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The case was settled at mediation by Trial Partner Ken Fromson and Managing Attorney Elizabeth Wolff. A distracted driver crossed the center road and hit a car with four adults in it. All of the adults were injured, but the passenger seated behind the driver took the brunt of the impact. Being 6’4” and riding in a compact car resulted in our clients head striking the top of the car. The force of the impact split his skin on his forehead leaving a significant scar. The defense claimed had our client been wearing his seatbelt he would not have sustained an injury at all.

michael finkelstein credit junction

Managing Attorney David Akerib helped Trial Attorney Brian Acard settle the case prior to trial for $295,000. While standing 6 feet up on an 8 foot ladder at a construction site in Goshen, NY, a 52 year old carpenters ladder slipped out because the footings were removed and no tie off was given. The carpenter seriously injured his shoulder and has been unable to return to work. Initially, the injured worker filed for Workers’ Compensation through a lawyer in Middletown. Realizing there was a possible personal injury case, the Workers’ Compensation lawyer suggested the carpenter call our office. Ultimately the Judge agreed with our theory and found that the property owner and general contractor violated Labor Law 240.

Kona Equity

At trial we showed how the left turning driver violated four sections of the Vehicle and Traffic law while our client did nothing wrong. The jury found the left turning driver 100% responsible for the crash. As a result of the sideswipe crash, our client’s head struck the driver’s window. He was dazed at the scene, was taken to the emergency room where he was released a few hours later with some Tylenol for his headache. The headache remained every day, and a week after the crash our client collapsed from the blood clot that had formed on his brain. Immediate brain surgery was performed, and the blood clot was evacuated. The case settled for the full amount of available insurance, $1,250,000.

  • Our client underwent two complete discectomies , an interbody fusion and application of an interbody cage.
  • The trucking company had high powered lawyers and their lawyer was outmatched.
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  • In addition to getting the Workers’ Compensation carrier to waive their nearly $250,000 lien, we were able to obtain a $700,000 settlement.

The police issued a ticket to the pick-up driver for failing to yield the right of way. Not surprisingly, our client had multiple broken bones and required several surgeries. Initially, the insurance company tried to blame our client for being on a motorcycle and only offered a small portion of the insurance policy.

$1 15 Million Settlement

This transaction underpins the valuation of GLI’s investment in TCJ for the half year, as announced in September 2018. GLI hold a seat on the Board of TCJ and continue to support the company and management with strategic developments. The company targets growth-oriented suppliers, distributors and manufacturers typically with revenues between $5 and $50 million offering up to $7.5m in capital. The facility strengthens and expands The Credit Junction’s ability to deliver comprehensive capital solutions to businesses across the United States.

michael finkelstein credit junction

Companies who have salespeople on our roads must take steps to ensure their employees don’t drive distracted. Following a sales call, a company employee was texting and driving the meeting results to her supervisor. While looking down at her phone she crashed into a car waiting to make a left-hand turn, causing that car to cross over and strike our client head-on. Our client suffered catastrophic injuries and will never be able to return to work. The case was ultimately settled prior to trial for $9,250,000 by Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein and Trial Partner Kenneth Fromson. In 1993, a forty-four year old roofer was an employee of a roofing subcontractor replacing the roof on a church in the City of Poughkeepsie.

The Credit Junction Industries

Although the concept isn’t complicated, the problem The Credit Junction purports to solve is. The companies Finkelstein and Rodrigueira are targeting have relied on local banks for financing “since the beginning of time,” Finkelstein said. After significant abdominal surgery under general anesthesia, our client remained heavily sedated by medications. During a standard procedure a tube was inserted through his throat and attached to a breathing machine to maintain the airway. The tube is kept in place with a device that in essence is a balloon.

michael finkelstein credit junction

As the cement garage floor settled in their New Windsor, NY house, the landlord saw the support column in the middle of the garage was no longer connected at the top. Rather than pay for a contractor to properly affix the column, the landlord simply tried to nail the column to the ceiling.

$2 Million Settlement : Wrongful Death Of 81 Year Old Pedestrian

On commercial properties, the owner of the property is also required to make sure all safety devices are used during construction. The call caused our client to suffer a broken arm and “burst” vertebrae in his low back. The case was settled prior to trial for the full $1,000,000 of available insurance. Our client was severely injured when a Newburgh man backed out of his driveway in such a rush that he didn’t even look behind him.

Our client, an Orange County resident, was traveling eastbound on Route 17M in Goshen, New York when the defendant made a left turn into the side of her vehicle. The collision resulted in our client sustaining multiple fractures. She endured several surgeries and ultimately her injuries prohibited her from doing either of her two jobs, putting her and her children in dire financial straits. By using this strategy we were able to save our client the expense and stress of preparing for and going to trial.

Twenty-three years earlier, a defectively designed industrial machine caused a catastrophic injury to a Pennsylvania machine operator. The machine manufacturer did nothing to fix the hazards created by the defectively designed machine.

After open-heart surgery at Albany Medical Center, it was discovered our client was exposed to a bacterial infection due to a defective machine used during the bypass surgeries. We sued the machine manufacturer for their failure to make the machine in a sterile environment. Our 67-year-old Vietnam Veteran client suffered from a bacterial infection due to the machines use during his open-heart surgery. Managing Attorney Mary Ellen Wright, Trial Partner Kenneth Fromson and Andrew Finkelstein actively litigated the case and held the manufacturer accountable. When parents allow their kids to go on school trips they expect adequate supervision. That’s just what our clients thought would happen when they let their 7th grader in a Binghamton school district middle school take a class science trip. Part of the science exhibition was demonstrating a huge sling shot.

Our client was in Wappingers Falls on her way to pick up her daughter from school when she came to a red light at the State Route 9 and Meyers Corner intersection. When the light turned green she entered the intersection and was suddenly struck by another driver who failed to stop at the red light. The driver at fault later admitted he knew the light was red yet still plowed through the busy intersection. Failing to stop at a red light is one of the most dangerous things a driver can do, and often ends in disaster.

$100,000 Settlement

The force of the collision caused our client to lose consciousness and break five vertebrae in her low back. Initially, surgery was not required and the fractures were treated with a back brace.

  • She had physical therapy and cortisone injections and was enduring a long recovery with an ankle brace.
  • Due to the crash our client required surgery to her knee and low back.
  • The defense tried to blame our client, but a jury saw right through it.
  • The companies Finkelstein and Rodrigueira are targeting have relied on local banks for financing “since the beginning of time,” Finkelstein said.
  • The company targets growth-oriented suppliers, distributors and manufacturers typically with revenues between $5 and $50 million offering up to $7.5m in capital.

Rather than fix the sidewalk, the condominium association chose to leave the dangerous condition for all the families to be at risk. When our 63-year-old client was on her way to catch the bus she tripped and fell over the broken sidewalk, breaking her elbow.

Our client was standing 60 yards down the field talking to some friends when a water balloon struck her in the face causing her to lose an eye. The school should never have allowed kids to stand within the landing zone of these water balloons.

The facility’s failure to properly monitor and assess this resident caused the development and worsening of multiple pressure ulcers on his left heel. The non-healing ulcers ultimately became infected and necessitated an above knee amputation causing significant pain and suffering. We argued the amputation could have been avoided had the long-term rehabilitation facility properly monitored and treated our client. Injury attorney Jonathon Minkove and Nursing Home abuse attorney Mary Ellen Wright successfully settled this case for $175,000. Our nursing home abuse attorneys are passionate about holding negligent facilities accountable, not only for the sake of our clients but also to prevent future cases of nursing home abuse and neglect.

While money can never replace a loved one, given New York laws limitations, this was one of the largest recoveries for a wrongful death case of a teenager. TCJ combines technology and data intelligence with traditional asset-based credit metrics and offers up to $7.5 million in capital availability. The TCJ platform captures, integrates and analyzes financial data to better manage risk and extract deeper insights into the health of a business. Since its launch in May 2015, TCJ has helped America’s suppliers, manufacturers and distributors access the capital they need to achieve their growth objectives. While towing a log splitter behind a pick-up truck, the driver wanted to make sure the tail lights were working properly so he pulled off Route 17 in Upper Saddle River, NJ, into a service station. After parking in the service station, the pick-up truck driver got out and walked to the back of his truck.

The Credit Junction’s underwriting staff should be able to gain a far deeper understanding of the borrowers businesses because of the data they have access to. Businesses may come to value access to this wisdom in conversations they have with The Credit Junction. The Credit Junctionis based in Rosslyn’s ÜberOffices and has raised $2 million in seed fundingto fund its michael finkelstein credit junction online marketplace. Founded by CEO Michael Finkelstein with Chief Strategy Officer Sergio Rodrigueira, the company is “60 to 90 days” from launching its platform. When a nursing home chooses to understaff their facility, residents are often neglected. The nurse’s aides can only do so much and often residents are not moved often enough and they develop bed sores.

As a result of the crash, our client suffered painful injuries to her neck and back which eventually required surgery. When our client from Stony Point in Rockland County was exiting the Seaford Oyster Expressway in Nassau County, Long Island, she brought her car to a stop. While waiting for traffic to open up, the car behind her was driving distracted and struck her in the rear. Being that she was so far from home, and because she did not have any broken bones, she chose not to get immediate medical attention. As too often happens, instead of the stiff neck and back getting better over time, both got worse. Unfortunately the distracted driver only had the minimum insurance coverage, $25,000 which we collected.



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